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Professional database modeling

Chapter 1


About this chapter

This chapter describes and explains what is ByteDesigner.

Discover what database professionals have known for years - that enterprise databases are designed with enterprise modeling tools. Why has this been a secret for so many? Why do so many labour with buckets full of error prone, undocumented, SQL? Well it seems no one has been able to pack the features of a quality data modeling tool into a product at an accessible price - not until now.

Byte Designer is an emerging enterprise tool for designing databases at all levels of an organization using the same concepts found in tools costing thousands of dollars!

Majour Features

  • Workspace/Project oriented environment
  • ERD centric data modeling
  • Logical Data Model
  • Physical Data Model (ODBC, SQL92, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, FireBird, MS SQL, Oracle, SQLBase)
  • Conceptual Data Model
  • model panner ('birds eye view')
  • quick find and navigation from output window
  • model validation
  • full documentation capabilities
  • integrated Advanced SQL Editor with syntax highlighting
  • save/load SQL sessions
  • integrated ODBC
  • multi-platform (Linux,Windows, OSX and Solaris)
  • open file format (XML)
  • DBMS specific features such as data types and SQL syntax
  • reverse engineer existing databases
  • generate create-scripts
  • print model
  • print data dictionary
  • liberal use of tool-tips to help Users
  • supports table inheritance
  • supports; table, view, domain, sequence, procedure, and more

Majour Features Being Developed

  • generate modify-scripts
  • collaboration features using CVS/ftp/DBMS repository

Typical Interaction

Run Byte Designer on your favourite operating system. Internet connection is required to first register the application. Once registered, a demo license will be issued and valid for 30 days. After the demo license expires, you can use the email address used during product purchase, to register it as a commercial user. Internet connection is required only when ByteDesigner needs to be registered or when the lincese was removed and a new one needs to be generated. Create an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) for the desired data source. Create a Byte Designer Project and create a new ERD.

Optionally adjust the validation rules for the model. Now prime your ERD by reverse engineering the existing database or start from scratch. Add/edit/document; domains, sequences, tables, views, and procedures. Validate the model. Use the quick navigation features of the output to quickly jump to any problems and correct.

Generate a create script. review, edit, and execute the script in the integrated Advanced SQL Editor. Print a data dictionary report to communicate the design and design decisions to others or pass the open XML file along for use in 3rd party software or with the free ByteDesigner Viewer program.

DBMS Specific Features

The DBMS vendor will be delighted to see its Users guided in the design of an ERD with seamless support for; model validation, DBMS specific data types, and DBMS specific tool-tips.

DBMS's supported;
  • generic using ODBC
  • generic using SQL92
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • InterBase/FireBird
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • SQLBase
  • MS SQL


Byte Designer is under very active development. For example; generation of modify scripts is being worked on. Collaboration features are being developed to allow Byte Designer to be used more effectively in enterprise environments.

Support is provided using Nipdata first line support and a support mailing list: bd@nipdata.con.